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Hormel Natural Choice
Bacon - Uncured


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12.00 oz
SKU / UPC: 037600445955


Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 2 pan fried slices
Servings Per Container 7
Amount Per Serving
Calories 80Calories from Fat 60
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 7g11%
Saturated Fat 2.5g13%
Cholesterol 15mg 5%
Sodium 360mg15%
Total Carbohydrate 0g0%
Protein 5g 
Vitamin A0%
Vitamin C0%
Iron 0%


Pork, Water, Salt,Turbinado Sugar, Natural Flavoring, Lactic Acid Starter Culture.


Safe handling instructions: this product was prepared from inspected and passed meat and/or poultry. Some food products may contain bacteria that could cause illness if the product is mishandled or cooked improperly. For your protection, follow these safe handling instructions: keep refrigerated or frozen. Thaw in refrigerator or microwave. Keep raw meat and poultry separate from other foods. Wash working surfaces including cutting boards, utensils, and hands after touching raw meat or poultry. Cook thoroughly. Keep hot foods hot. Refrigerate leftovers immediately or discard.

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